selection of songs made famous by various artists - done for you in great contemporary fashion by Australian talents of the musical band: hindley street country club (HSCC)

"ain't nobody"

"the greatest love of all"
lovely display of spirit (july 14th 2022)

(orig sung by anita baker)

"you to me are everything"
Mr. Andy Seymour for you!

     "Boogie no more?"

     "best of my love"

"turn your love around"
Mr. Andy Seymour for you!

"every woman" (real nicely done here by "HSCC")


     "I Keep forgetting" (orig Michael McDonald)

     "baby come back" (done in the 70s by player)

     "how do I live?"

"It's gonna take a lotta love" (nicolette Larson)

"just the two of us"

"How long has this been goin on"
Mr. Andy Seymour for you!

"I'll be around"
Mr. Andy Seymour for you!

"let's stay together"
Mr. Andy Seymour for you!

"sweetest taboo"

"I can't go for that" (Hall and oates orig)

"ride like the wind" (christopher cross)

"lowdown" (boz scaggs orig)

"suddenly" (Olivia newton john orig)


"killing me softly" (roberta flack orig)

"it's too late"

"what you wont do for love"
Mike foenander of HSCC performs nicely indeed

"nothing to be guilty of"

"aint no stoppin us now"

more great HSCC performances at our link

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